Company History

Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1917, founded Annabelle Candy Company, Incorporated, in 1950.

Mr. Altshuler learned the art of candy making, and after struggling for years, finally achieved success with his Rocky Road® candy bar. He named his business the “Annabelle Candy Company” after his daughter, and began manufacturing Rocky Road in San Francisco. The item quickly gained popularity throughout the western United States where it has its strongest hold today, and is currently ranked among the top 35-40 best selling chocolate bars on the West Coast.

In 1965, Annabelle Candy Company moved across the San Francisco bay to its present location in Hayward, California. Sam Altshuler passed away in 1971, leaving control of the Company to his daughter, Annabelle Altshuler Block. In 1972, the Company purchased Golden Nugget Candy Company, of San Francisco, the makers of Big Hunk® and Look® candy bars, and began manufacturing those products. In 1978, Annabelle engineered the acquisition of the Cardinet Candy Co., which manufactured U-NO® and Abba Zaba® candy bars. All of these items, in addition to Rocky Road, are now being made in the Hayward factory.

Annabelle Candy Company continued to grow, as Annabelle’s son, Gary Gogol, managed operations of the business for many years. Annabelle’s daughter, Susan Gamson Karl now manages the day-to-day operations of the company as President and Chief Executive Officer of the business.

What started as a family business continues today as the one of the largest independently owned candy bar manufacturers in the United States, producing some of the most popular and traditional West Coast items available on the market today.

Annabelle Candy Company intends to continue on the path well into the 21st century, with the dedication and efforts of all its valued employees and the support of its fine broker network.

Currently, Annabelle Candy Company Incorporated manufactures 8 candy bars:

Original Rocky Road®, Rocky Road Mint, Rocky Road Dark, Big Hunk®, U-NO®, Look®, Abba-Zaba®

ROCKY ROAD®: Handmade chocolate covered marshmallow with roasted cashew nuts, crunchy malt.

This item was the creation of our founder Mr. Sam Altshuler. Rocky Road is still made the old fashioned way, by hand, layer by layer. We use a unique process that maintains the softness and fluffiness of marshmallow, making this product stand head and shoulders above most marshmallow products on the market today. Combined with fresh roasted cashews and rich chocolate, this bar is truly delicious and literally melts in your mouth. Currently we have three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, & Mint Dark Chocolate. Rocky road is predominately distributed from the West Coast to the West of the Mississippi. And can be found in most major Drug Chains, Grocery & C-Stores. Rocky Road is a true corner stone of our company since 1950.

And in July 2008, we launched two king size bars inspired by the Rocky Road. We are now offering the Supreme Mocha and the Supreme Peanut Butter.

Rocky Road SUPREME DARK CHOCOLATE MOCHA®: Handmade Mocha Marshmallow with Crunchy Cashews, Double Dipped in Rich Dark Chocolate

Rocky Road SUPREME MILK CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER®: Handmade Marshmallow with PEANUT BUTTER, Crunchy PEANUTS, Double Dipped in VELVETY MILK Chocolate

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BIG HUNK®: Chewy, honey-sweetened nougat with whole roasted peanuts.

BIG HUNK is true to its name. BIG HUNK is one of the few candy bar items on the market today with very low fat content and qualifies as a "LOW FAT" item, just 3 grams of fat for a generous regular bar now available in regular and king size. Big Hunk is predominately distributed from the West Coast to Texas. And can be found in major Drug Chains, Grocery & C-Stores. Acquired back in 1970 from Golden Nugget Candy Company, Big Hunk has maintained its loyal following since the early 1950's.

ABBA-ZABA®: Thick rich chewy taffy, with a rich creamy peanut butter filling in the center.

Abba-Zaba is high in protein and extremely satisfying, truly in a class by itself now available in regular and king size bars. Another West Coast tradition, this bar is a great value! The original ABBA-ZABA that goes back to the 1920's is also acquired from the Cardinet Candy Company.

U-NO®: A smooth, rich, chocolate truffle-like center with crushed almonds, covered with creamy rich milk chocolate, guaranteed to melt in your mouth. This item is a West Coast tradition that goes back to the 1920's. U-NO tastes fantastic when cold and if frozen eats like an ice cream bar. Annabelle acquired U-NO from the Cardinet Candy Company in 1970.

LOOK®: Rich dark chocolate covered molasses sweetened chewy nougat with whole roasted peanuts.

Another West Coast favorite since the 1950's, acquired from the Golden Nugget Candy Company; this bar is a chocolate covered alternative to our favorite Big Hunk.